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Miúdos Seguros Na Net - Promover a Segurança de Crianças e Jovens na Internet

Minimizar Riscos, Maximizar Benefícios.

Miúdos Seguros Na Net - Promover a Segurança de Crianças e Jovens na Internet

Minimizar Riscos, Maximizar Benefícios.

Crowdfunding Internet Safety Events

Tito de Morais, 06.01.14

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42% of Portuguese youth between 9 and 16 years of age did not have any advice on Internet safety!


65% of parents would like to receive information and advice from their child's school, but only 28% actually had it!


As these figures show, after 10 years "on the road", participating as a speaker / trainer in awareness raising / training events about online safety of kids, tweens and teens, we need to keep on doing it. But for that we need your help.

Tito de Morais, founder of the MiudosSegurosNa.Net Project, is interviewd by a group of students from the Escola Básica 1, 2 António José de Ávila school, at Horta, Faial, Azores, after an Internet safety awareness event promoted by local child protection authorities in April 2008.


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Why Is Your Contribution Important?

With your investment we’ll be able to reach more families, schools and communities. Those who want and need to receive information and advice about online safety of kids, tweens and teens. Especially those that, as a result of the financial crisis situation in Portugal, with budgetary cuts in education and social services, request our presence but lack the resources and support.


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An audience of arround 200 students from the  E.B. 2,3 do Algoz and E.B. 2,3 Dr. António da Costa Contreiras schools, in Silves, Portugal, February 2009

What Is the Impact of Your Support?

We did the math:

  • If each of the nearly 15,000 fans we have on Facebook invests the equivalent value of less than a cup of coffee over a year (0.50 €), that would enable us to participate as speakers / trainers in 27 live events per year or, alternatively, in 54 events by video conference. Since we offer our participation pro-bono at every 5 events, this total could reach 32 live events, or 65 video conferencing events a year.

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Why Is Your Investment Needed?

Consider a message with a request for help we received recently:


"A friend of my father called in desperation to tell me that his granddaughter was being a victim of cyberbullying. Basically, someone creates fake profiles on her behalf, posts photos with her and then begins to send friend requests to her friends, etc.. Since the girl is 16 years old this is the affecting her deeply. He says that despite reporting it, Facebook does not remove these accounts. I remembered to write you because I know you’ve probably dealt with this type of cases in the past and I was wondering what’s the best procedure to follow. "


The assistance provided in this case resulted in an investment on behalf of a company in the amount of 100 € that will be added to other investments in order to provide a free Internet safety awareness session. We know that times are not easy for anyone, so any amount is welcome.


Picture of an espresso cup of coffee. Image source:

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As mentioned above, if all our fans on Facebook invested the value equivalent to less than of coffee over a 1 year period it would be a precious help. So, give us a cup coffee or, if possible, a little more.


Is The Safety of Your Kids Important?

If the ethical, responsible and safe use of information and communication technologies is an important value for you, help us carry out our mission by financing us to reach more families, schools and communities.


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'Sexual abuse and blackmail in the net' cover theme of the Portuguese magazine Visão, in the edition of February 5, 2008

"At dawn, some friends got phone calls"

One of the most dramatic cases which we were able to help, was "Diana's" case, which is described in some detail in this report from the Portuguese magazine Visão: Online pedophiles (in Portuguese). Help us prevent cases like "Diana’s". Help us support more moms like the "Diana’s" mom. Invest in our project so that we can reach more families, schools and communities.


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See How It Can Be in 2014

We want you to visualize what might happen in 2014 as a result of your contribution. For this, we are preparing a series of videos on our activity in previous years, and will be making them available during this campaign. Stay tuned!


Choose Your Reward

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Thanks for your attention and for your interest in our cause, our passion: the online safety of kids, tweens and teens. As a closing statement, let us remember a slogan from UNICEF Sweden: "Likes do not save lives. Money does. ". And in the case of this initiative, the value equivalent to a cup of coffee a year, helps us make a difference.